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If you are looking for a usual wooden puzzle with Paul Klee paintings then you can select one that is offered on our website. We reproduce all the best Paul Klee paintings onto wooden puzzles. Artworks that are colorful, with regular shapes, are what define Paul Klee’s paintings. These paintings when turned into wooden puzzles are fun to do, you can relive the time when the artist drew it putting the puzzle pieces together. A Paul Klee wooden puzzle is sure to be lots of fun and entertainment.

Paul Klee was an artist who was born on the 18th of December 1879 and died on the 29th of June 1940. He was born in Switzerland, but his parents were German. His artworks are based on expressionism, cubism, and surrealism art movements. He learned his painting skills together with Wassily Kandinsky at the Bauhaus school of art. His artworks showcase his lack of humor and sometimes his childish view of life, his personal mood, and his beliefs. The most recognized paintings by Paul Klee nowadays are The Harbinger of Autumn, Joyful Mountain Landscape, Temple Gardens, Redgreen, and Violet-Yellow Rhythms. His paintings are held by private fine-art collectors and art galleries all around the world.

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