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We reproduce the most famous Claude Monet paintings into wooden puzzles. Our collection of Claude Monet puzzles includes his most famous paintings, such as Woman in Garden, Water Lilies, The Japanese Footbridge, and many more. You will find that solving Claude Monet’s puzzles is very interesting and at the same challenging, every detail of Claud Monet’s brush strokes is clearly printed on a puzzle.

A French artist Oscar-Claude Monet, was born on the 14th of November 1840 and died on the 5th of December 1926. He is known as a painter and founder of the impressionist painting technique. Monet had a very long career, in which he painted many artworks that are very popular nowadays. At some point in his life, he moved to France countryside and started to paint landscapes, during this period he painted his most famous painting – water-lily pond. An interesting technique that Monet used to paint his paintings is that he did the same scene many times. In that way, he captured changing light, weather, and passing seasons. Another interesting fact about Claude Monet is that he was very keen to paint water lilies in his garden, he was busy with this for the last twenty or so years of his life.

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