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FREE Shipping within the United States, if you order any 2 or more jigsaw puzzles!

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Different types of puzzles available.
Design the puzzle
Upload your photo, add text.
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Select jigsaw puzzle type to make a puzzle!

photo jigsaw puzzle
Prices from $26.99

Custom Photo Puzzles

From 15 to 2000 puzzle pieces

Box with your image printed on the lid

Choose puzzle size
photo collage
Prices from $31.99

Photo Collage Puzzles

From 15 to 2000 puzzle pieces

Box with your image printed on the lid

Choose puzzle size
Photo Frame
Prices from $29.99

Photo Frame Puzzles

From 15 to 500 puzzle pieces

Box with your image printed on the lid

Choose puzzle size
Promotional Jigsaws
Prices from $0.49

Promotional Puzzles

From 4 to 15 puzzle pieces

Each puzzle placed in a white envelope

Choose puzzle size
Magnetic Photo Jigsaw
Prices from $31.99

Magnetic Photo Puzzles

From 6 to 54 puzzle pieces

Box with your image printed on the lid

Choose puzzle size
Plastic Photo Jigsaws
Prices from $28.99

Plastic Photo Puzzles

From 6 to 54 puzzle pieces

Box with your image printed on the lid

Choose puzzle size
Wooden Photo Jigsaws
Prices from $47.99

Wooden Photo Puzzles

From 30 to 221 puzzle pieces

Box with your image printed on the lid

Choose puzzle size
Tray jigsaw puzzles
Prices from $1.00

Tray jigsaw puzzles

From 9 to 126 puzzle pieces

Each puzzle individually shrink wrapped

Choose puzzle size

Why choose PuzzlesPrint?

High quality photo puzzles

  • High-quality personalized jigsaws are printed here with ECO-friendly printers and are then glued to a robust and specially made puzzle card. To make sure that the pieces are crisp and cut clean.

Quick order turnaround

  • Having all the required tools to make the personalized puzzles ourselves and having a partnership with DHL we will make sure that you get your jigsaw photo puzzle within four business days.

Online photo editor

  • You can crop, resize, drag your photo any way you want and you can also add text onto the uploaded photo with our built-in online photo editor and you can also see a clear preview of how your puzzle will be.

Use PuzzlesPrint to turn picture in to puzzle!

Jigsaw puzzles have always been popular amongst adults and kids. By using our services, you can create a puzzle with your own photo. The custom-made puzzle will come in a box that features your selected photo on the lid. Puzzles that are printed with your own photo are sure to bring you lots of fun! Also, consider making a puzzle if you are looking for photo gift ideas. A jigsaw puzzle made with your selected photo is perfect photo gift.

Jigsaw puzzle that is made with your selected photo is a unique gift for any special occasion like birthdays, Christmas, Valentines day, graduation or retirement and other such events! Our jigsaw puzzles are unlike others in the fact that they feature the photo that you selected instead of a boring typical photo that you find on jigsaw puzzles sold at the local stores.

Your colleagues, friends, and relatives would surely appreciate the great photo gift that the customized puzzle is. The magnetic puzzle is also a very exciting alternative to the standard jigsaw puzzle or also you can get a photo collage puzzle created with multiple photos of your own. After solving the puzzle, you can turn it into a lovely picture by sealing and framing it.

How to make a puzzle from a picture?

First you need to choose the type of the puzzle. Personalized puzzles can be made from various materials – cardboard, wood, plastic or plastic with magnetic surface. You can choose size and puzzle piece count, starting from just 6 pieces up to 1000 and even 2000 pieces. You can also choose to add single photo or upload multiple photos to create a photo collage.

Create jigsaw puzzle for adults or kids!

Use a picture taken on your last vacation or family gathering to create a jigsaw puzzle for adults. Puzzles with smaller pieces are usually made for adults. Upload a shot of your dog or cat to make a jigsaw puzzle for kids. Select puzzle with less pieces so the kid can enjoy the puzzle!

Use jigsaw puzzles to promote your business!

The personalized jigsaw puzzles that we make are fantastic for promotions or they can be used as creative greeting cards or invitations. Do have a look at our tray and promotional jigsaw puzzles to see how you can stand out with personalized promotional materials.

About our jigsaw puzzle maker

Nobody likes to solve a dull, unimaginative puzzle that we usually get to see in the market nowadays. We believe in the age-old ability of puzzles to enhance brain power. That is why we have made a jigsaw puzzle maker, so you can print your own puzzle. With our jigsaw puzzle maker, you can upload single or multiple photos of your choice, resize them and even add text to your design. It has never been easier to turn picture in to puzzle!

Print your own puzzle and we will quickly deliver it to the following USA states - Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming