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High Quality Puzzles

High-quality jigsaw puzzles are printed here with ECO-friendly printers and are then glued to a robust and specially-made puzzle card. We use sharp cutting tools to make sure that the pieces are crisp and cut clean.

Fast Order Delivery

Having all the required tools to make the jigsaw puzzles ourselves and also having a partnership with UPS we can assure you that you will get your jigsaw puzzle delivered fast. We provide express or standard delivery!

Jigsaw Puzzle Maker

You can crop, resize, and drag your photo any way you want and you can also add text, and change its color, onto the uploaded photo with our online puzzle maker, you will also see a clear preview of how your puzzle will be.

Turn picture in to puzzle

Use PuzzlesPrint to turn a picture into a puzzle!

Jigsaw puzzles are a classic choice for both kids and adults. Our services offer a unique twist – create a puzzle with your own photo! The custom-made puzzle comes in a box with your photo featured on the lid. It’s sure to bring lots of joy and is a perfect gift for special occasions.

For a truly personal touch, consider using our services to create a puzzle with your own photo. The resulting puzzle is unlike any you’ll find in local stores. Because the puzzle features your selected photo rather than a generic one. Whether for birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, graduation, retirement, or any other special event, your friends and family will appreciate this one-of-a-kind photo gift.

There’s even more excitement to be had with a wooden puzzle or photo collage puzzle, both made with your own photos. And after solving it, you can display your masterpiece by sealing and framing it. Give your colleagues, friends, and relatives a thoughtful and unforgettable photo gift – choose a custom puzzle!

How to make a puzzle from a picture?

Choosing the type of puzzle is the first step in the process. Our personalized puzzles come in various materials, including cardboard, wood, plastic, or plastic with a magnetic surface. The size and puzzle piece count can be tailored to your preferences. The number of pieces starts from just 6 pieces and goes up to 1000 or even 2000 pieces. And if you want to add an extra touch of personalization, you can choose to create a photo collage with multiple photos.

For puzzle enthusiasts, turning a photo into a puzzle is a great way to elevate the experience. Our puzzles are made from your selected photos, making each one unique and special. This sets them apart from the generic puzzles found in stores. You can print your puzzle from the comfort of your home, using any photo you choose. Whether it’s a picture of the sea with ships and birds or a photo of your smiling children, the choice is yours.

The process of making your own puzzle is easy and convenient. Moreover solving a custom puzzle can bring joy and satisfaction. Puzzle-solving has been proven to boost happiness, self-confidence, and overall health. So why not choose a picture that you love and turn it into a puzzle today?

Puzzle from a picture
Puzzle for adults or kids

Create a jigsaw puzzle for adults or kids!

Use a picture taken on your last vacation or family gathering to create a jigsaw puzzle for adults. Puzzles with smaller pieces are usually made for adults. Upload a shot of your dog or cat to make a jigsaw puzzle for kids. Select a puzzle with fewer pieces so the kid can enjoy the puzzle!

If you are a puzzler, choose any photo that you have taken recently with your camera and upload it on our website to print a puzzle for adults or kids. We offer various puzzle sizes, you can be sure that you will find a puzzle size that suits any puzzler. Printed puzzles are usually made with photos from vacations, family get-togethers, pets, or cars. It is up to you to decide which photo you want for your puzzle!

Children are only attracted to something if it holds their interest and keeps them captivated. A puzzle would capture their attention and if you get a puzzle with a picture of something that they like, it will be even more interesting to them.

Use jigsaw puzzles to promote your business!

The personalized jigsaw puzzles that we make are fantastic for promotions or they can be used as creative greeting cards or invitations. Do have a look at our tray and card jigsaw puzzles to see how you can stand out with personalized promotional materials.

For our tray puzzles we offer to print your design on both sides of the puzzle. So you can make double-sided jigsaw puzzles. Tray puzzles are often used by companies to promote their services or products. You can print your company logo on the front of the puzzle and brief information about your company services on the other side of the puzzle.

Card puzzles can be made greater by creating them with your own design. For example, it could include your team’s picture, brand name and logo, and a lot more according to your requirement. These tailor-made promotional gifts can come in a variety of sizes and you can choose the complexity.

Puzzles with tray
jigsaw puzzle maker

About our jigsaw puzzle maker

Nobody likes to solve the dull, unimaginative puzzle that we usually get to see in the market nowadays. We believe in the age-old ability of puzzles to enhance brain power. That is why we have made a jigsaw puzzle maker, so you can print your own puzzle. With our jigsaw puzzle maker, you can upload single or multiple photos of your choice, resize them, and even add text to your design. It has never been easier to turn pictures into puzzles!

Using our online puzzle maker, you can create a photo collage! It is up to you to choose the photo collage layout that you like the most. Or if you wish you can make your own layout and upload as many photos as you like, you can even set an image for the background or choose a color from the palette.

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