Wood Wall Art – Colorful Wooden Blocks Turned In To Art!

If you are looking to enhance your living or working space interior, then wood wall art mosaics are perfect to do so! Unique wall art with different colors and shades will make any room more esthetic and pleasant to be in.

Our collection of wooden wall mosaics contains different designs with different color patterns, we regularly add new designs. We can also create a special wooden wall art depending on your needs – in your desired size, with your selected colors, and layout ideas.

Wood Block 3D Mosaic Wall Art Decor – Wooden Sound Diffusers

Wood Wall Art is made from pine wood blocks, they are cut in angles, hand sanded, and painted. Then each block is glued to a back panel to create the wooden artwork. The back panel of the mosaic art is slightly smaller so that the artwork looks like it is flowing on the wall. Not only do we take great care preparing the wooden blocks, but also for every artwork that we make sure that the back panel looks great and has a smooth surface, even if it is not visible, it just shows that a lot of care and attention is put in to make the wooden wall art. With every art panel, we include special hanging hardware.

The 3D wooden mosaic art is a great sound diffuser, it reduces the echo in the room and blocks the sound leaving the room. Given the mosaic art characters work as sound diffuser it is perfect for recording studios, home theaters, listening rooms, mastering rooms, and vocal booths.

The reclaimed wood wall art décor will also be a great addition to any office, reception area, waiting room, hotel room, bar lounge, or restaurant. We can make any size or color of wooden wall art to perfectly complement the surroundings or wall dimensions.

Wooden block decor can be ordered directly from our website, you only need to select which one you like, choose the size, and place an order. If you require a custom size, colors, or design please contact us.

Enhance your home interior with a unique, high-quality art piece. You can hang it on any wall of your home – living room, bedroom, kitchen, dorm, man’s cave, dining room, hallway, kids’ room, nursery, or office.

Each wooden wall art that we make is unique, we hope that we can create a special one just for you!