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Wedding Guest Book Puzzle

Create a personalized wedding guest book puzzle!

Thick and high-quality, oak veneered wood guest book puzzle, personalized with your selected names or surname and wedding date! You can select a number of pieces for your wedding guest book jigsaw puzzle. Additionally, you can get a storage box for your wedding guestbook puzzle pieces. We can also adjust the personalization for you, for example, the guest book can be adjusted for wedding anniversaries, such as a golden anniversary or silver anniversary, or any other special event that requires a guest book.

Free personalized pen and guest book sign is included when you order a personalized wooden wedding guest book jigsaw puzzle!

Storage Box
Check photos for details
Check photos for details
1. If Option A then please write Surname, If option B then please write names. 2. The wedding date

Remember those who came with the wedding guest book!

Your wedding day is the most important day for you as a couple. It is the day when you say Yes to each other! You have probably spent hours and days planning your perfect wedding. Starting with the venue, dress, guest list, cake, invitations, and other important things that are related to wedding planning. On this perfect day, the celebration with your friends and family will fly by quickly. The best way to remember those who came to your wedding is to make a guest book. We can also adjust the personalization for you, for example, the guest book can be adjusted for wedding anniversaries, such as a golden anniversary or silver anniversary, or any other special event that requires a guest book.

What options there are for wedding guest books?

There are different types of guest books that you can get for your wedding. For example, traditional books with blank sheets where each quest can write a brief message to the couple. Also, there are more unique guest book ideas that you can personalize for your wedding day.

Do you make unique wedding guest books?

We have come up with a wooden wedding guest book puzzle. The idea of a wedding guest book puzzle is that each guest signs a piece (we have made each piece large enough, approx. 5 x5.5cm (2" x 2.2") so that guests can easily write a sentence) and writes a small message on it. The central piece which is larger than all other puzzle pieces is personalized with brides' and groom’s names or surname, also the wedding date is engraved on the central piece. After the guest signs the piece, he adds it to the puzzle.

What is included with the wooden wedding guest book puzzle?

Wedding guest book jigsaw puzzles can be ordered with various piece counts, depending on how many guests will attend the wedding. We also include a free guest book sign that states the following: “This is Our Wedding Guest Book! Thank you for being here with us! Our Puzzle Will Be Complete With You Signing A Piece!” check the photos to see exactly how it will look. In addition, with every guest book that we make we add a free pen that is personalized just like the central piece, only without the wedding date. Additionally, you can get a storage box that will have the same details engraved on the lid as on the central piece.

High quality personalized wooden guest book jigsaw puzzle

By ordering a jigsaw puzzle guestbook from us you can be sure that you will receive a high-quality wooden guest book. The wooden guestbook puzzle is made from OAK veneered plywood 4mm (0.16") which is hand-sanded for a smooth finish.

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Free guestbook sign and personalized pen is included with all custom guest books!

Number of pieces 14 36 66 104 150 204 266
Wood Guest Book Puzzle $29.99 $49.99 $70.99 $91.99 $114.99 $129.99 $179.99

Small (Fits up to 104 pieces) Large (fits up to 266 pieces)
Storage Box $25 $40
Applies for all sizes
Set includes: Guest book, pen, and guest book sign
Guest book material: OAK veneered plywood
Central piece size: 16 x 10.5 cm (6.3" x 4.1")
Guest book puzzle piece size: 5 x 5.5 cm (2" x 2.2")
Guest book thickness: 4 mm (0.16'')
Guest book sign size: 14.5 x 20 cm (5.7" x 7.9'')
Number of pieces 14 pieces 36 pieces 66 pieces 104 pieces 150 pieces 204 pieces 266 pieces
Completed guest book size: 20.5 x 26cm (8.1 x 10.2") 31 x 36.5cm (12.2 x 14.4") 41.5 x 47cm (16.3 x 18.5") 52 x 58.5cm (20.5 x 23") 62.5 x 69cm (24.6 x 27.2") 73 x 79.5cm (28.7 x 31.3") 84.5 x 90cm (33.3 x 35.4")
The product looks fantastic and i can’t believe how quickly it got delivered! Very impressed
The box is beautiful, as well as the sign and puzzle pieces. We're looking forward to using this for our guests to sign at our wedding! Thank you so much!
Very good quality and fast delivery! Great job
Excellent quality and great service
This puzzle is perfect! I cannot wait for our wedding guests to sign it! The puzzles are all neat and have defined edges. It shipped fast too. If you're looking for a puzzle guest book, this is the best one. It includes box and sign too!
I just received my puzzle! Its absolutely beautiful! I order led it for my friend who decided to have a small wedding in two weeks! Talk about short notice. But the puzzle came in more then enough time! Thank you so much!
Quality product, quick dispatch and delivery
Amazingly quick turnaround from ordering to delivery. Great product and service!
also product and the service is great, love you guys
Great product, great price and speedy delivery. Highly recommend.
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