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If you are looking for a challenging wooden puzzle, then the Franz Marc painting puzzle will be just right for you. Artworks that are colorful, with silhouettes are what define Franz Marc’s painting technique. Get yourself a Franz Marc wooden puzzle and you will be entertained for days. Our collection of Franz Marc puzzles includes all of his best paintings.

Franz Marc was born in Munich which was the capital of the Kingdom of Bavaria on the 8th of February 1880 and he died on the 4th of March 1916 in Barquis, France. He was a professional landscape painter, he learned his painting skills at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. In his younger years, he went to France and spent a few years visiting the museums and copying other painter works. Franz Marc adored the work of Vincent Van Gogh. He was part of the Expressionism movement. Franz Marc's most notable works are Two Cats, Blue and Yellow, The Foxes, Landscape with Animals, Caliban (from Shakespeare's The Tempest) Nowadays his paintings are located in fine art galleries around the world, including New York, London, and St. Petersburg. Also, his paintings are held by private art collectors.

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