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We offer you to relive Wassily Kandinsky paintings through puzzles. Wassily Kandinsky wooden puzzles are fun to do, as there are lots of colors and lines. Puzzles that feature Wassily Kandinsky’s artworks are sure to be fun and entertaining.

A Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky was born on the 16th of December 1866 and died in 1944. He wasn’t only a painter he was also a theorist. He is known as one of the starters of abstraction in western art. The other painter who started it first was Hilma Af Klint. He studied law and economics. When he turned 30 he began painting and sketching. His paintings are extraordinary, colorful, and sometimes difficult to understand. Wassily Kandinsky's art is very popular around the world. His well-known paintings are Violet, Small Worlds V, Houses at Murnau, Painting with Troika. His paintings are loved by people who appreciate abstract painting techniques. His work signature is colorful, shape-based objects. Many of his paintings are held by private collectors, but you can also appreciate his paintings in many fine art galleries around the world.

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