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On our website, you can order wooden puzzles with Henri Cross paintings. We reproduce some of his finest artworks into puzzles. Henri Edmond Cross’s paintings are very detailed with lots of color variations, therefore you will have lots of fun while solving the puzzle with one of his artworks printed on it.

Henri-Edmond-Joseph Delacroix was a French-born painter and printmaker, he was born on the 20th of May 1856 and died on the 16th of May 1910. He was a master of the Neo-Impressionism movement, and one of the main figures who shaped the second phase of that movement. He influenced many artists of the following years, including Henri Matisse. His work contributed to the development of Fauvism. Early in his painter’s career, he painted portraits and still selfies. Most of his work was in the dark colors of Realism. In the early stages of his career, he changed his name to Henri Cross. The most famous Henri Cross paintings are Pines Along the Shore, Landscape, Pines on the Coastline, and others that he painted during his career. Nowadays Henri Cross's paintings are showcased in various art galleries around the world.

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