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We have sourced the best Pierre Auguste Renoir artworks that are available in digital format and reproduced them into wooden puzzles. A Pierre Auguste Renoir puzzle is sure to be lots of fun! Vivid colors and attention to detail are what sets this painter apart from others, making Pierre Auguste Renoir’s puzzles challenging and interesting.

Pierre Auguste Renoir was a French painter, he was born in France on the 25th of February and he died on the 19th of December 1919. He was one of the leading painters who developed Impressionism. It is believed he is the final artist who imposed the traditions of Ruben and Watteau's works. His paintings are loved because of the vibrant light and saturated color, he used to paint people in intimate and candid compositions. Pierre Auguste Renoir admired the movement that Edgar Degas had started. The most known paintings by Pierre Auguste Renoir are Seascape, Meadow (La Prairie), Roses, and many others who nowadays are in positions of private collectors or art galleries around the world.

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