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You will find a broad range of Gustav Klimt puzzles on our website. We reproduce his paintings on wooden puzzles. The collection of Gustav Klimt puzzles includes different types of art forms, including landscapes and portraits. Gustav Klimt’s paintings have a lot of details; therefore, the puzzle is fun to do. Challenge yourself with Gustav Klimt’s wooden puzzle.

Gustav Klimt was an Austrian painter who was born on the 14th of July 1862 and died on February 6th, 1918. Primarily Gustav Klimt painted female bodies. His paintings include allegories, portraits, and landscapes. The inspiration for Gustav Klimt was Japanese art and the methods that were used by Japanese artists. His art movements were symbolism, Art Nouveau and Vienna Secession. At the beginning of his career, he was known as a painter of architectural decorations. Gustav Klimt is known for many of his paintings such as The Kiss, Hygieia, Baby, Fulfilment. His artworks can be found in private collections and in the biggest art galleries around the world.

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