Unique Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

Unique Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

Whether you’re planning a traditional wedding, or a fun and creative wedding, a guest book can be a great way to document your guests’ attendance. You can also use the guest book as a decor piece for your home, or as a coffee table accent. In fact, it may be the perfect item to leave out for guests to take home at the end of your big day.

There are many different types of guest books. Some are simply books, while others are more elaborate. If you’re not sure which type to choose, you can always opt for the classic guest book, which is a book of signatures. But if you’re looking for something a little more unique, check out these 20 creative wedding guest book ideas.

Create your own wedding

Creating a unique wedding guest book is a lot of fun, and the result can be a fun way to document the day. One of the most interesting options is to create a fingerprint guest book. It includes a finer liner pen and a watercolor illustration. Guests dip their thumbs into different colors of paint and then sign over the design. This creates a great piece of artwork, which you can display in a glass vase.

Another clever wedding guest book idea is to create a puzzle. This puzzle has 150 or 200 pieces, and you can choose any photo to be the front page. You can also choose different shapes and sizes for the pieces. This is the perfect option for larger destination weddings.

Another fun and unusual alternative is to create a time capsule. You can fill this time capsule with a variety of items, such as wedding mementos, photos, and letters. You can also put it in the ground for your 10-year anniversary.

If you’re interested in a more rustic approach, you can create a guest book from a tree trunk slab. This is the perfect item for a woodsy wedding, and can also be a nice decoration for your home. You can have it hung on a wall, or left out for guests to enjoy during your wedding.

Another idea is to have guests sign puzzle pieces. This can be a game board, a puzzle, or both. You can even create a custom canvas, and have your guests sign it. You can also use a wood-burning kit to personalize the piece.

Ideas how to make your day special

Another wacky but fun alternative is to use a pinata. This is a fun idea to get your guests talking, and you can make it a part of your reception. You can also have it smashed at the end of the reception, thereby ensuring that the wacky idea becomes an actual memento of your big day.

Finally, you can have guests sign a bottle. This is especially fun for those who enjoy wine. Some couples even save a bottle of their wedding wine for their special anniversary. The bottle can then become a beautiful decoration in their home, and the guest book can serve as a reminder of the day.

Wedding Guest Book Puzzle – Unique Guest Book Alternative

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