High Quality Jigsaw Puzzles

At PuzzlePrint, we are committed to making high-quality photo jigsaw puzzles that don’t break the bank! We have over 10 years of jigsaw puzzle manufacturing experience, and we use our expertise to guarantee a well-made product every time.

How we make your jigsaw puzzle:

Quality of your photo

After we receive your order, the print file will be downloaded from our server and sent to the printing software (RIP).

Due to the automatic order manufacturing process, we are unable to check the quality of your photo. Therefore, if you have doubts about the quality of your photo, please contact us before placing the order. Otherwise, we will print the photo in the exact form that is uploaded to our website.

We print your photo with the latest printing equipment, then we mount the print on blue ESKA graphic board cardboard, plastic, or plastic with a magnetic surface.

The inks that are used for printing in our printing process are water-based inks, meaning that they don’t smell or cause allergic reactions. For wooden puzzles, we print directly on high-density fiberboard (HDF).

Puzzle gluing
Puzzle cutting dies

After your photo is mounted on cardboard, plastic, or plastic with a magnetic surface we cut it into puzzle pieces.

We change our cutting blades regularly to ensure cleanly-cut pieces. To make our jigsaw puzzles top quality, we use blue ESKA graphic board cardboard, plywood, plastic, or plastic with a magnetic surface, these materials are specially made for jigsaw puzzles. Wooden puzzles are cut using the latest technology laser cutters.

After we cut your photo into puzzle pieces, the pieces are divided and put into a plastic zip bag which is then placed into a custom-made box.

We also print your photo on the lid of the box. Before shipping, we place your puzzle box with puzzle pieces inside into a shipping box to ensure that the puzzle is delivered without any damage.

Puzzle pieces