Winslow Homer

An American painter and printmaker Winslow Homer was born on the 24th of February 1836 and died on the 29th of September 1910. He is known for his marine subject paintings. Winslow Homer is one of the American art icons and an important figure in American art history. Winslow Homer learned to paint himself and started his career as a commercial illustrator. Once he got used to illustrations he picked up oil painting. Most of his artworks were done when he was on vacation.

There are many Winslow Homer paintings that are adored by fine art enthusiasts. Some of the most noticeable are The Veteran in a New Field, Fishing Boats, Key West, Boys in a Dory, and Eagle Head, Manchester, Massachusetts. Most of his paintings feature water in different forms – sea, ocean. His paintings are colorful with different scenes, looking at Winslow Homer's paintings you can relive that moment – the weather, characters, season.

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