Jigsaw Puzzles With Large Pieces

Jigsaw Puzzles With Large Pieces

While most of the puzzles offered on the market have regular pieces in terms of their size, a lot of manufacturers offer jigsaws with large pieces. The puzzles with small pieces are more challenging and would take more time for completing. Jigsaws with large pieces give you an opportunity to enjoy the fun of jigsaws putting in much less time for assembly.

Furthermore, it is important to note that brainteasers with big pieces are good for people suffering from dementia. Jigsaws keep them involved and the piece size ensures that the brainteaser is not too difficult. In addition, you do not have to worry about misplacing the pieces – would not lose them. You can choose a variety of different sizes. Usually, the size of a jigsaw does not exceed the standard size of an A3 paper sheet. However, some manufacturers offer larger-sized puzzles with large pieces.

Jigsaw puzzles for elders

Some retailers offer puzzles with not only standard-sized pieces but with large pieces as well. Having a jigsaw puzzle with big pieces would make it more attractive to the elderly as they can assemble an image that they recognize, for example, a photo of their childhood town.

Different uses of puzzles with large pieces

Jigsaws with big pieces have a lot of applications. For example corporate events. When your company is having team-building activities or other team-related tasks, the large-piece jigsaw puzzle is a great product as they require less time to assemble and can involve multiple people. In addition, multiple puzzles with large pieces can be used as a part of the competition where the winning team that completed the brainteaser first would receive some prizes.

At PuzzlesPrint we offer jigsaw puzzles with different piece sizes, also you can choose the material of the puzzle. Our product range includes magnetic jigsaw puzzles and plastic jigsaw puzzles, these puzzles can also be made with large pieces.

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