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Jigsaw puzzle

Picking out a present for a friend or a family member can be quite a meticulous task, especially if we care deeply about the person and we want them to genuinely like what we buy them. Many things have to be taken into consideration: what they like, what they need, and what they already have. Even when you have the answers to all these questions, there is a certain suspense when you give them a gift: you are never completely sure if they are going to like it. Even if money is not an issue, everybody has different tastes and preferences. So, spending a lot of money doesn't really ensure that they, in fact, will like the present. The most personal thing you can do is to give them customized gifts, made especially for them, something that nobody else will appreciate just as much.

Photo gifts- the most personal gifts

One type of birthday present that never goes out of style is a custom photo gift. This certainly is a present they will never return! Nowadays, there are so many ways to make a unique, original and amazing photo gift. These are the three most popular:

1. Photo Jigsaw Puzzle

If you want to take it up a notch, create a photo jigsaw puzzle of your favorite memory. It is interesting to people of all ages, and you can choose the number of the pieces, the size and the shape of the puzzle. It will mean something deeply personal to them, whilst being a constant source of fun and enjoyment.

2. Photo mugs

These are a very special way to remind somebody of how much you care every day. As they sip their morning coffee or tea, they will constantly be reminded of how much effort and thought you have given to making the present special and personal.

3. A customized photo album

This takes the most time of all on this list, but having an album filled with your favorite photos together is a very sentimental gift. Fill it with photos of all the adventures you have experienced together, but make sure you leave some room in the album for many more cherished moments that are yet to come. Later on, you an use the images to create a personalized jigsaw puzzle!

Whatever you choose, rest assured that you gift will remain unforgettable and forever treasured, because by making a jigsaw puzzle, you have actually just provided them with a new, more interesting way of keeping and viewing photos that would otherwise probably just be kept somewhere on a phone or a computer.

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