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It is easy to make a custom jigsaw puzzle, browse below for puzzle types and sizes, select the one you like the most and upload your photo!

Personalized photo puzzles Photo collage puzzles Magnetic photo puzzles Promotional jigsaw puzzles
2000 piece photo puzzle 63 piece photo puzzle Photo collage puzzle with 7 photos - type 1 63 piece magnetic puzzle 15 piece promotional puzzle - 6 pack
1000 piece photo puzzle 54 piece photo puzzle Photo collage puzzle with 7 photos - type 2 54 piece magnetic puzzle 15 piece promotional puzzle - 48 pack
500 piece photo puzzle 35 piece photo puzzle Photo collage puzzle with 7 photos - type 3 35 piece magnetic puzzle 15 piece promotional puzzle - 90 pack
260 piece photo puzzle 30 piece photo puzzle Custom photo collage puzzle 30 piece magnetic puzzle 6 piece promotional puzzle - 6 pack
143 piece photo puzzle 20 piece photo puzzle 20 piece magnetic puzzle 6 piece promotional puzzle - 48 pack
108 piece photo puzzle 15 piece photo puzzle 15 piece magnetic puzzle 6 piece promotional puzzle - 90 pack

Personalized puzzles

High quality photo puzzles

A combination of smooth, ECO friendly matte print, glued to a robust, specially made jigsaw puzzle cardboard, which is then cut with custom made cutting die, ensures that you receive top quality photo jigsaw puzzles.

Jigsaw puzzles

Quick order turnaround

By having all the necessary tools to make the custom jigsaw puzzle ourselves and a partnership with DHL we can ensure that you will receive your custom photo puzzle in less than a week.

Photo puzzles

Online photo editor

With our built-in online photo editor you can re-size, crop, drag, stretch your photo any way you want, you can even add text on your photo. By using our online photo editor you will be able to see clear preview how your photo puzzle will be.


Welcome to Puzzlesprint!

We are suppliers of custom jigsaw puzzles made from your own pictures.

You’re wondering how it works? Our website has an integrated picture editing software which allow you to upload your pictures and turn it into the exact puzzle you want.

You can choose from four different types of jigsaw puzzles

Personalized jigsaw puzzles allow you to take a favorite picture and turn it into a puzzle. What a great way to remember a special event in your life! Use a picture from your last family vacation or your child’s graduation picture and relive the memories over and over as you assemble the jigsaw puzzle.

Our magnetic photo puzzles are perfect to use as pretty refrigerator magnets that you can assemble into the picture of your choice. Perfect to keep your toddler busy assembling the picture for a little while or as a present for grandma and grandpa. They can also be used as a great publicity alternative for businesses.

Our promotional puzzles are meant as publicity opportunities for business. Send your potential clients a jigasw puzzle they have to assemble to discover an invitation to your next promotional event. What a great way to get their attention! Or give them as a present to your most valued customers. Our promotional puzzles can fit promotional needs of every types.

Last but not least, we have our very special photo collage puzzles offered in two types:

 You can use one of the many templates on our site. You simply have to submit the required amount of pictures, set them in the template and you have your very own photo collage puzzle.

If you want something even more special, you can submit 3 - 15 pictures to our designers who will then create an absolutely unique photo collage puzzle for you.

No matter which one of our puzzles you choose to have created, rest assured that we only use the best quality materials to create them, which means that you will be able to assembly your puzzle again and again without fear of the pieces falling apart.

We always offer fast delivery so you can enjoy your new puzzle as soon as possible once it is created and your order is placed.

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