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Over the years, jigsaw puzzles have gained more recognition and how they can be used for different things has grown. For this and other reasons, people are keener on buying them these days. For an entrepreneur, a business in wholesale jigsaw puzzles could be a good way to earn extra cash.

Wholesale jigsaw puzzles refer explicitly to bulk buying of jigsaw puzzles with the intention of reselling them, but also lesser bulk orders with retail to smaller retailers and the public.

PuzzlesPrint provides their knowledge and expertise in how you can get started with a wholesale jigsaw puzzle business.

Why we are involved in selling puzzles wholesale

PuzzlesPrint, through their online store, has gained global appeal. The worldwide market is always open for business and is expanding rapidly. By supplying wholesale jigsaw puzzles to existing and new businesses, our international footprint will continue to develop. Bulk buying enables more favorable discounts to our wholesale clients, which lets you pass on those savings to your clients.

PuzzlesPrint sell their long-lasting, high-quality puzzles to buyers all over the world, and there is only a nominal waiting time for bulk orders, as a lot of their non-unique stock is already stored and waiting to be despatched.

Through wholesale purchasing, we increase our workforce through you promoting our puzzle products to the public and other retailers. This enables us to generate sales in addition to allowing for a substantial profit line for all your hard work too.

Customers who benefit from wholesale jigsaw puzzles

The retail section of our business supplies people who want to buy just one jigsaw or only a small quantity, whereas the wholesale jigsaw puzzles section of our operation is explicitly involved with bulk orders of our branded or standard puzzles.

From a wholesale purchase viewpoint, you can have puzzle imprinted with your company name, contact details or logo to help improve your company exposure and keep consistency with your product branding. Certain retailers also buy in bulk. However, this typically comes from you, the wholesaler.

Wholesale purchasing allows for greater discounts which in turn increases your profit margin. You too can offer significant discounts to your clients who buy in bulk, guaranteeing that they will be happy with their bargain too. Wholesale jigsaw puzzles are a good concept for a start-up or perhaps an online business – something you can manage in your free time.

To be able to sell whole jigsaw puzzles you will need a top-notch platform from which to display the product(s). You should also concentrate on sales, but you should also have a good quality storage area where you can stock your bulk-buy puzzles.

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