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Wedding gifts

With wedding seasons, one cannot be more careful in picking out the perfect gift which is both thoughtful and meaningful. Our personalised wedding gifts cannot be more fitting for the occasion

Meaning to the gift

A personalised wedding gift with some meaning behind it states that unlike other presents, yours comes straight from the heart and on the occasion, that’s all that matters.


Add a touch through personalised wedding gifts that give your special ones a reason to remember you by. Weddings are a time where new chapters begin; to look back at that milestone is something that always brings up a smile in memory of you.

A Symbol of love

Nothing speaks special like a truly personalised wedding gift. Not only would people remember you by it but it speaks volumes in terms of you putting in the time and effort to make your present truly unique.

Cash and other gifts are temporary

While most people tend to go with cash or tickets or appliances which can be used up or lost over time, personalised wedding gifts have a tendency to last much longer as the recipients tend to take special care of gifts dedicated just for them.

Something to Look Back to

Looking back at special moments with your friends and family tend to induce lasting memories. Relive those days with your close ones through a personalised wedding gift that just brings those memories fresh back to mind.

With a world that’s so fast paced it’s becoming incredibly rare to pick wedding gifts that hold meaning as we shift towards a more consumer based mindset. Personalised wedding gifts add meaning to celebrate the joy of the occasion and add meaning to a relationship for years to come.

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