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Tray jigsaw puzzles are great for young children between 2 and 4 years of age.

Tray puzzles are designed for children as they are less complex to solve and have larger pieces. The concept behind them is that they are fabricated into a tray where the outer edges give the border of the puzzle and where the other pieces need to fit. This is so that toddlers don’t find it too hard to complete the puzzles.

Their colours and designs are varied and appealing so that preschool children are drawn to them.

Individuality of tray jigsaw puzzle

Unlike the standard jigsaws, tray jigsaw puzzles offer different colour trays, not just the regular black, silver and red. Bright colours often fascinate children, and they may already have a favourite colour at this young age. With our variety of colours, we can cater for all your children’s wants.

PuzzlesPrint is aware that in a home there is always a lot going on when you have toddlers, so we have cleverly crafted our puzzle so that it sits in a tray with handles, which enables safe movement of the pieces, meaning they will less likely drop them. It also keeps the puzzle in place so that they can come back to it after they have finished playing and start over.

We have an assortment of interesting shapes and designs in addition to the colours so that your kids can have fun and won’t get bored easily. Our tray jigsaw puzzles are made of long-lasting, high-quality materials so that they will not wear out after a few hours of play.

Benefits of tray jigsaw puzzle

Tray jigsaw puzzles can easily be moved, stored and stacked to reduce space on a shelf or in a cupboard. The tray itself is the puzzle area so that you can put it down on any surface, so the courageous puzzle builder can work away on it and have fun anywhere.

Once they are finished, tray jigsaw puzzles can make appealing decoration items, and not just as a toy. With the creative designs, they can be displayed in your child’s bedroom as a trophy or as part of the décor.

Due to the way they are made, tray jigsaw puzzles are easy to store without pieces going missing and can be used at any time.

These fascinating, inspired puzzles are perfect gifts for young inquisitive minds.

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