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Trade jigsaw puzzles are used for an explicit profession or trade. They are typically designed with the relevant trade or business images and are created for a specific target audience.

Trade jigsaw puzzles are not just for trades or professions but can also be geared towards careers or industries and printed for individual requirements.

Practicality of trade puzzles

PuzzlesPrint provides a diverse selection in the trade jigsaw puzzle range. They can be used for improving a company’s image through the media, public relations or to show off the latest piece of architecture. No matter what the trade or industry, they are an ideal marketing tool.

For celebrities or those involved with social media, these puzzles would make the ideal giveaway to fans with your image on the front. For artists, your recent painting, carving or other creation could be highlighted on a puzzle and sent out to your art supporters or those who are interested in your artwork.

These beautiful puzzles are a perfect chance for you to make a lasting impression on those people whom you want to impress. They will promote you in such a way that will last much longer than other typical advertising because they are durable. They can also be passed on to others in your circle which will give you greater exposure.

What to think about when searching for trade jigsaw puzzles

Promoting yourself or your company is critical in this day and age, and much thought should be put into the creation of your trade jigsaw puzzle, ensuring that it will promote your message, special promotion or other advertising, effectively. Your message will last a lot longer than many other promotional tools, so make sure you add a lasting message.

Targeting your puzzle to your audience or trade is vital. Where an architect might choose a more difficult puzzle, a game show host would choose something light and fun, relevant to his subject matter. Puzzles should be selected and tailored to suit the person(s) or business, and the message should be clear.

Our puzzle templates can be customised for your trade jigsaw puzzle to suit your needs. Call us to discuss your requirements and how we can best help you.

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