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Souvenirs come in many different forms, for example from t-shirts to priceless works of art. Some souvenirs become heirlooms and are passed down through family generations, but then some don’t even get past the first wash! At PuzzlesPrint, we consider our souvenir jigsaw puzzles provide you with an exclusive and unique souvenir.

We produce our souvenir jigsaw puzzles in a memorable and long-last way so that they too can be saved for years and passed down through the family as a talking point or family tradition.

Our well-crafted puzzles can be individually designed to keep memories going.

Get an exclusive memento

Souvenir jigsaw puzzles range from a variety of images to images and messages, as required. If you wish to remember a place, moment with the family, event or holiday, then our puzzles will help you achieve that. A point in time which took your breath, an experience which was eye-opening, a heart-warming together with the family, any or all of these can be incorporated into your souvenir jigsaw puzzle. We are available to help you with creating your special heartfelt mementos rather than an off-the-shelf item which is open to anyone.

Through us, you can express your creativity by designing a tailor-made souvenir jigsaw puzzle. You can upload an image, picture, message and much more, no matter what your preference. You, your family, and friends will treasure these puzzles as they hold a little piece of you. They will be the topic of conversation or a reminder of the great times you had when you stumble across them again.

Long-lasting memories

Our souvenir jigsaw puzzles are unique and can be designed for nearly any theme. Here are a few examples, party favours, a thank you for a wedding gift, to honor someone’s birthday, a get-together or a souvenir from your travels. You have ample options from which to choose. Not only your family but your friends will also enjoy piecing them together and appreciate your kind gift much more. Puzzles come in many shapes and sizes, from easy to the more complex 1000 pieces, for those who require a challenge.

Why not tell your story with our unique souvenir jigsaw puzzles? We will be happy to assist you in creating a special gift with one or more of our high quality, durable puzzles.

To start creating your photo jigsaw puzzle select jigsaw size and upload a photo, design or artwork!