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Are you exploring the possibility of making money selling jigsaws? No matter if you are looking to buy small or large quantities, we can help.

PuzzlesPrint is seller of retail/resell jigsaw puzzles aimed at those customers who wish to make extra money through small-scale sales of puzzles, whether at car boot sales, flea markets or any other form online stores.

What does it take to become a retail jigsaw puzzle retailer?

We at PuzzlesPrint have a great deal of experience in the retail of puzzles to business owners and customers, but also within the corporate environment and are equipped to help you with your requirements. Selling jigsaws is just like any other product or service retailing, and you may need 1 or 1000 puzzles at any given period. We recognise those needs and can assure you of an outstanding service every time you buy with us, no matter what volume you order.

If you love puzzles as much as we do, and appreciate their entertainment and educational value, and how rewarding they can be in group activities, then this might be the right kind of business for you. Selling any product or service takes know-how and a practical approach, as well as an affinity with the product if you want to be successful. With your enjoyment of the puzzles, we can help you create an income. Your determination and effort are the only things you need to sell jigsaws and grow it as a business. Through selling these puzzles, your business will grow, which can turn into you later employing staff and enhancing the lives of other people too.

Passion, determination, and accomplishment will support you in building a great business from retail jigsaw puzzles. Being able to close deals and bring in sales are the things you need to succeed. If you have the passion and the determination for jigsaws, you are certain to create sales and a good revenue stream from selling them.

Retail and Wholesale Jigsaw Puzzles: What is the difference?

A business in wholesale necessitates bulk purchases and consequent bulk sales to smaller vendors. On the other hand, a business in retail is centred around bulk purchases or smaller numbers of puzzles, however, the retail will typically come from a single puzzle and up to the public. If your business is wholesaling products right now and has an established market for bulk purchases, then buying from us at great wholesale prices and reselling, might be your best option. If you have a slightly smaller business or you are keen to create a start-up business for puzzles, then choosing retailing will be a more suitable one. Starting out this way will enable you to buy a more different quantity of puzzles, giving you the chance to provide your clients with a diverse assortment. If you have only just started your business, retail/resell jigsaw puzzles will be the better option for you.

The quantity of puzzles purchased affects the price, but even smaller volumes are well priced to enable you to get good profit from these premium jigsaw puzzles.

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