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Regular jigsaw puzzles are the standard kind of puzzle which we think about from our youth. Typically they are made with cardboard or thick paper backing with a picture or scene printed on it. Modern-day puzzles do no essential fit that mould.

This kind of Regular jigsaw puzzles are relatively cheap but can still satisfy the standard needs for puzzle building.

What renders regular jigsaw puzzles traditional?

Regular jigsaw puzzles are created in the same way as those you would find in your grandparent's cupboard, whereby an image or picture is printed onto cardboard or hard paper and cut up into various shapes. The goal is to piece them together to form the finished image. Puzzles of this kind are traditionally square or rectangular with a glossy finish.

Don’t think for a minute that regular jigsaw puzzles are outdated, on the contrary, they are still in high demand, and can provide many hours of fun for families and individuals alike. Although they are fun, they are not very complicated designs or created with the intent of promoting or teaching anything apart from puzzle solving. With that said, PuzzlesPrint has a broad range of these more traditional puzzles to choose from.

Are regular jigsaw puzzles user-friendly?

No special skills are needed to solve regular jigsaw puzzles. The image typically printed on the front of the box is what the puzzle will look like once it’s finished. The enjoyable part is identifying all the pieces to achieve that result. They are somewhat challenging and can give you a sense of accomplishment once you’ve completed it.

Regular jigsaw puzzles are normally straightforward in their design, however, with the size of the puzzle and the number of pieces the complexity rises. PuzzlesPrint have many puzzles to choose from, ranging from those for beginners up to expert puzzle builders, which are more challenging.

Puzzle building can be done alone or with the whole family or friends. It’s the perfect break away from technology, power cuts just some quality time spent with loved ones.

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