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Picture puzzles

If you are a jigsaw puzzle solving enthusiast, then you have probably tried your hand at solving a lot of puzzles. However, no matter how many picture puzzles you have practiced, there will be a couple of pictures that are difficult to solve. We have put together a couple of tips and tricks in this post to help you solve picture puzzles like a pro.

Think of a puzzle solving strategy

You most likely have a picture of how the jigsaw puzzle pieces are supposed to look when they are all arranged the right way. Think of how you would put together this picture. You might, for example, look at the pieces that have a different colour, and try to join them together so you get an idea of how the picture is being formed. Alternatively, you may just search for the corner pieces to create a border for the picture puzzle. Once that is done, you will have fewer pieces to work on, and you would know that all of them should somehow be in the space between the border.

Keep the actual image in mind

You need to be focused on the image that is yet to be formed. Would certain colours fit in the position you are thinking to place them? Focus, strategize and you will see that the picture becomes clearer with every piece put in its place.

Try to stay away from distractions

Picture puzzles should help you focus and help you in learning how to give full concentration to a task. We are surrounded by distractions these days. Keep your phone away from unnecessary notifications and disturbance while you’re attempting a puzzle. Giving complete attention to the puzzle will allow you to think clearly, and solve it faster.

These are our top tips to help solve picture puzzles, do you have any more ideas in mind?

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