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Photo jigsaw

Jigsaws can be classic gifts for family and friends as they can be solved in group gatherings, family and friends’ reunions, and late-night sleepovers at your best friend’s home, or even a camping trip in a place where you don’t have any internet access. We may be living in a time where everything is online, but offline games aren’t going away anytime soon.

So when you are deciding to get jigsaw puzzles for your next get together, would you prefer purchasing just a regular jigsaw from your nearest toy store? Or would you consider creating your own photo jigsaw puzzle?

Here is a comparison between the two options that you can keep in mind before making your decision.

Regular Jigsaws

By regular jigsaws, we mean the ones you can find on shelves of stores. If you have some sort of collection or play jigsaw puzzles often, you have probably even seen those patterns a couple of times. Here are the features of regular jigsaw puzzles:

• Fun (All jigsaw puzzles are fun)

• Limited in design and variety

• Easier to solve because designs are predictable

Photo Jigsaws

Photo jigsaws are more complicated yet funnier. Say, if you don’t fix a nose in its right place, you might end up having laughter fits with your buddies. More exciting ones are those photo jigsaws with personal pictures you have of your memories that you get converted into a jigsaw puzzle. You can, for example, get a picture of a wedding ring converted on a jigsaw puzzle to propose to your significant other. Or create a jigsaw of your group of friends in your last group together. Let them figure out the design, and watch their faces glow with happiness once the puzzle is completed. The ideas are infinite because there can be tons of things you can do with the right memories and the right people.

Verdict: Which one to Choose?

If you are short on time, go to your nearest store to get a regular jigsaw puzzle. If time isn’t an issue, you might as well put some personality and heart into a game you play with people who mean to you. The choice, at the end of the day, is yours.

To start creating your photo jigsaw puzzle select jigsaw size and upload a photo, design or artwork!