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Personalised puzzle

From children to adults, playing with jigsaw puzzles is the best amusement for everyone, especially when it fits your aura. Hey, you know what? You can create your personalised puzzle with the artistic themes and designs. Though, learning to make your own, can bring many twists and turns on your way, but a few simple steps can make you a pro in this. Oh! Seems like now your creative juices are going to flow in the right direction, huh? Let’s not waste any moment then.

Primarily, all ingredients should be gathered, so you don’t find any trouble during your trial. The ingredients you require, are:

1. A thick backing up cardboard sheet

2. A cardboard sheet

3. Glue

4. Safety Scissors

5. Any colored marker

6. Any captivating picture

Step 1:

For making up a personalised puzzle, take a thick cardboard sheet and crop it into the size of personal picture you have selected. The backup sheet is merely thick which will give baking support to your puzzle and your puzzle will live a long life.

Step 2:

The second step is to apply some glue on the cropped backing sheet and stick colored cardboard sheet on both sides of it. By doing this, you will give a nice furnished look to the base of puzzle.

Step 3:

Next, apply another layer of glue and stick your personal picture on it. Using a puzzle template and marker, trace dotted lines of the puzzle pieces on it.

Step 4:

The final step requires the cutting of puzzle using safety scissors, done specifically under adult’s supervision. Once all the marked lines are cut into pieces, Ta-daa! Your personalised puzzle is ready to roll.

Remember! The whole process needs a lot of pauses– So peeps, be a little patient because once you’re done with the whole process, the final outcome is worth all the patience.

To start creating your photo jigsaw puzzle select jigsaw size and upload a photo, design or artwork!