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Personalised jigsaw

Personalsed jigsaw puzzle makes for an adorable gift that signifies uniqueness and evokes curiosity. While any run of the mill gift could work, if you want to make someone feel special, you’ve to go an extra mile and get them something that’s different, one-of-a-kind and meaningful. That’s when personalised jigsaw becomes a great contender.

But how would you personalise a jigsaw puzzle? What are the ideas that work best when turned into a puzzle? Here are few recommendations that will help you in making your gift stand out.

Memorable Photo

Although it is fine if you use a smiling picture of the gift recipient, putting some thought into it could yield better results. Find a picture that’s meaningful and reminds the recipient of a great moment. It could be a rare picture they have never seen themselves or have forgotten over the years.

Unforgettable Date/Event

Just like the memorable photo does an amazing job of taking people down the memory lane, similarly using a date that’s important to them or a reference to an event or incident they hold dear could also make for a fantastic gift. The excitement as they complete the puzzle would be worth every effort you’ve put into it.

Custom Message

Personalised jigsaw can be used as a message carrier. There are ways to deliver what you’ve to say and sometimes when you don’t have words persuasive enough, the manner in which you deliver them becomes more important. You and your thoughts will be heard loud and clear as the last piece goes into its place.

Asking a Question

When you want someone all smitten, asking a question through a personalised jigsaw puzzle could be a great option. Doesn’t matter if it’s a proposal or asking out on a date, the puzzle can mean much more than just a gift.

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