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Personalised gifts

What should a great personalised photo gift should be?

It should be interesting and good looking, but most importantly it should grab the receivers attention and pose a real joy in the receivers eyes. We really believe that our custom jigsaw puzzles are perfect personalised gifts! Take one of the picture that the receiver loves and turn it in to a personalised jigsaw. You can choose the puzzle size and even add a custom message on the puzzle, for example "Merry Christmas my friend".

For which occasions personalised jigsaw is great as a gift?

Personalised jigsaws are mostly used as personalised gifts as: wedding gifts, baby gifts, gifts for her, gifts for men, christening gifts, Christmas gifts, fathers day gifts, engagement gifts, children’s gifts, teacher gifts, birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, valentines day gifts.

Magnetic puzzle as a personalised gift!

A custom made jigsaw puzzle made by PuzzlesPrint will be just like any other jigsaw puzzle you can buy at your local toy store, the only difference will be that the jig saw will be made with your selected image. PuzzlesPrint also lets you make a magnetic jigsaw puzzle which also will be a great personalised photo gift. Just like a custom made jigsaw puzzle it is made with your selected photo, the difference is that you can stick a magnetic jigsaw puzzle to any metallic surface, for example to a fridges door.

The perfect personalised gift - photo collage!

There is one more jigsaw puzzle type that we offer you to make as a personalised gift, it is our famous photo collage jigsaw puzzle that our customers love very much. For your personalised gift you can choose from more than 30 photo collage layouts and backgrounds. Detailed information about our photo collages you can find in the photo collage category!

To start creating your photo jigsaw puzzle select jigsaw size and upload a photo, design or artwork!