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Mailing jigsaw puzzles are straightforward and can easily be sent straight from PuzzlesPrint to your employees, clients, family or friends, no matter what your requirements. We design jigsaws tailor-made to your specific requirements - whether you want with your company logo printed on the front, a general message or a special promotion, we can customise these for you.

A Puzzle For Everybody

No matter what complexity of puzzle you want, PuzzlesPrint can provide what you need. From easy puzzles to complex creations, we have everything for a wide-ranging audience. Mailing jigsaw puzzles are specially designed and produced so that you can order them and mail them to anyone in any place. You may be looking for a gift for a friend or are a company who is looking to order them in bulk. Regardless, we guarantee to have something to suit your needs.

We Can Post Gift Puzzles as Well

Are you searching a terrific bespoke gift for a loved one or a particular customer? Then we have just what you need. Exclusively created jigsaws, which we design to suit you, can be posted straight to the person being gifted. Not only are they great as a surprise gift, but they make cool rewards and are perfect for advertising your message or promotion. These long-lasting puzzles are extremely well-crafted, and with your input, will promise to be an exceptional completed product.

Mailing jigsaw puzzles through us at Puzzlesprint gives you the satisfaction that the recipient will get your gift without any additional effort needed from you after you have given us your design requirements. Visualise the surprised expression of that ‘someone’s’ face when they receive their perfect and unforgettable puzzle gift in the mail. Receiving any parcel is fun for many, and this parcel, in particular, will undoubtedly captivate.

If you are not sure what you need, just get in touch with us, and we will help you to choose something suitable for the design of your puzzle, its complexity and also the message (depending on the audience). With our years of knowledge and expertise, we can guarantee the recipient of your gift will have many years of fun and enjoyment with one of our puzzles.

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