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Jigsaw puzzles

What do your kids do when they’re bored? Do they watch cartoons for hours on TV? Or do they play some games on a computer? While this may get your kids occupied for some time and distracted from their boredom, your kids deserve to spend time with you doing things that are fun and productive. Kids who get more attention and love from their parents are happier, you don’t need a textbook to tell you that. There are many ways you can spend time with your kids that help them develop their skills, one of them is solving jigsaw puzzles.

Depending, if you like solving jigsaw puzzles yourself, you will find the idea exciting or very boring, but there are several reasons why you should sit together with your kids to solve jigsaw puzzles:

1. Jigsaw puzzles help kids learn to sit still and be patient

Solving puzzles take time, especially if you are a child. When you’re solving puzzles with your kids, they will take some time to understand how the pieces are to be connected. This will teach them the virtue of patience as they focus on their task for some time.

2. Your kids learn how to think logically

Jigsaw puzzles have a pattern that needs to be understood to solve the puzzles. Solving them will help kids think logically.

3. It can help your kids learn something new

Jigsaw puzzles can be good tools to help kids learn something new, like the alphabet, or names of the shapes.

4. Your kids would enjoy spending time with you

While they are learning to solve jigsaw puzzles, most kids would appreciate the help, advise and encouragement from their parents. The puzzle may take time to form, but the time you spend with your kids helps strengthen your bond with them.

5. It is a better option than most other games and toys

You wouldn’t have to worry about your kids being exposed to violence or learning bad words while solving jigsaws. Which is not the same that can be said for most other games these days.

Your kids need your time to develop a sense of belonging and this activity ensures ample time along with interesting mind developing techniques you must try this weekend.

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