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Jigsaw puzzle

Many people solve jigsaw puzzle as a hobby, and many people take their hobbies very seriously. There are reasons why people who are good at solving jigsaw puzzles can complete their puzzles very quickly. However, there are a couple of tips and tricks you can learn to solve your jigsaw puzzle faster, and more accurately.

Know where to begin

Most pros suggest that you should start with the edges of the puzzle. Once the corners are determined, you already have a sort of frame to start building the rest of the image of the jigsaw puzzle. Once you separate and fix the pieces that form the corners of the picture, you will have fewer jigsaw pieces to work with. This will make sorting out where each piece connects a lot easier.

Keep the image in your mind

Most jigsaw puzzle games come with a picture that shows how the result is going to look like. Some people find it easier to look at the colours of a jigsaw puzzle and to connect them first, compare that to the image and then keep building the picture. Or you might be the kind of person who likes sorting out smaller sections of a large jigsaw puzzle and then joining them together.

Figure out your thinking style

What is your problem-solving style? Do you work with whatever piece you have at hand, or do you search for pieces to see which ones join perfectly? You’re going to learn how you solve jigsaw puzzles faster only when you practice solving them a couple of times. Practice makes everything better, and that involves jigsaw solving skills.

So, the next time your friends challenge you to a jigsaw contest, no matter how long the puzzle is, with these techniques, you will be able to put the last piece of the puzzle in place before anyone else.

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