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Invitation jigsaw puzzles are an exclusive way to invite an intended guest to a particular occasion or event. Offering ‘made for purpose’ and stunningly designed, these unique cards with be sure to catch the eye of your intended guest.

An invitation jigsaw puzzle card will stand out against conventional types of letters and cards. An invite given as a jigsaw puzzle to your guest will make an excellent keepsake as a starter memory of your occasion. Puzzlesprint will help you match a design which will capture the theme of your event, making you noticeable to your anticipated guests.

Have your family and friends enjoy the novelty of an invitation jigsaw puzzle, which offers a souvenir for them to appreciate before, during, and after your special occasion.

Invitation jigsaw puzzles and available types

PuzzlesPrint appreciates the great number and variation of occasions and events being celebrated throughout the year and can assist you with your particular needs and requirements.

A notable and novel wedding invitation. When your event invite arrives in your intended guest’s mailbox, it is then up to them to assemble the pieces of your invitation jigsaw puzzle. This will be sure to create a fun and memorable connection with your future occasion.

Birthday celebrations can be exciting events to plan and look forward to. The fun can start straight away when your friends and family receive an invitation jigsaw puzzle card and instantly put it together and then make plans to attend. All standard and custom designs are available from, colours, images, size, shape, and even the number of pieces. You may have a theme in mind which you prefer or a personal picture you wish to use. Whatever you want to use to make your invite stand out, PuzzlesPrint can help make it happen.

A baby picture can warm a thousand hearts, using an invitation jigsaw puzzle for your baby shower

A baby shower is a once in a lifetime moment for your baby and your family, an event to remember with pictures which will start your child’s photo album of life. Using an invitation jigsaw puzzle card will offer a memento for everyone’s photo book. The invite is completely customisable to your wants and needs. Alternatively, standard baby themes are available as your starting point where you can choose colours, design variations, and add your own wording. Make your baby’s celebration day special with a gift to remember.

Don’t follow the crowd, let your personalised invitation jigsaw puzzle be the talk of your friends, family, and social circles. Putting the puzzle together to receive your invitation message will make your special day the one people talk about, before, during, and after the occasion with your one-off invite. The fun will continue as your guests have a take-away reminder puzzle to enjoy in times to come. A souvenir.

The invitation jigsaw puzzles are available in a design of your choosing. Competitive pricing is only a request away. Our team waits in standby to help with your choice of invitation puzzle.

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