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Greeting cards

Customised greeting card jigsaw puzzles can be sent for any occasion. Seasonal cards are a favourite around the holiday season with a family photo being very popular as an image of choice. Valentine’s Day can be made even more distinctive using a matchless design or image or your own picture when you send your card to your match. Birthday jigsaw puzzle cards can be especially fun for both the sender and person receiving the message, sharing in the joy of putting together the puzzle to reveal the message.

Greeting card jigsaw puzzles are a great way to keep in touch and send a message showing you care.

The seasonal greeting card can now offer a special message with one of our gifts of a greeting card jigsaw puzzle. Christmas is always a special time to tell friends and family you are thinking of them. Sending a puzzle card will get you, the sender, noticed with this fun and unique type of card. At Christmas, it can be challenging to find that exclusive card and message to send. Our standard creations are designed and are often drawn with inspiration from world-renowned art forms. Our durable quality comes with excellence as standard on all our puzzle products.

Our greeting card jigsaw puzzles are available in a broad spectrum of colours and sizes. A standard message is on offer, as is the choice to customise your words to suit your own needs and style. From a simple postcard to a basic variety of greetings cards of your design - the sky is the limit! We are sure to help you deliver the look you desire.

Personal messages can be included as part of your puzzle. Photographs of your family, friends or your group gathering are a great way to personalise your choice. Making the sending and receiving of greeting card jigsaw puzzles can become a tradition for your family and be kept for generations to review in the years to come.

We understand children love a little something different. Therefore, we make unique greeting card jigsaw puzzles just for kids.

Children love playing with puzzles, and the greeting card jigsaw puzzles are no exception. Kids enjoy both our standard and customised cards alike. We have offerings to suit all ages, giving that exclusive personal touch, which will always put a smile on your child’s face.

When it comes to choosing your greeting card jigsaw puzzle, you’ll be sure to have a wide range of choice. With the size and shape of your card in your hands, even down to the number and dimensions of the pieces which make up your puzzle. Whatever your selection it will be sure to entertain and interest the person receiving your gift.

Visit our website to see the full choice of greeting card jigsaw puzzles available. From our standard items to your own unique and personalised design, we are sure to meet your needs. A one-of-a-kind puzzle is just waiting to be made by you and your imagination. Ones which can be treasured by your family or friends. Contact us today and help us help you deliver a greeting card jigsaw puzzle to someone you love and start a new tradition with the ones you love.

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