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Does your organisation need to raise charitable funds? Using focused fundraiser jigsaw puzzles is a great way to get your project moving in the right direction. PuzzlesPrint can help assist you in your appeal project to bring in the money using one of our dedicated puzzles.

Fundraiser jigsaw puzzles use an innovative way to help raise funds needed for your specific requirements. For a set amount, people wishing to donate can purchase a piece of your puzzle, being part of a whole and sending monies towards your charity or project.

Kinds of fundraiser jigsaw puzzles

With a varied selection available from PuzzlesPrint, Fundraiser jigsaw puzzles will suit most purposes.

Whether your needs are to raise money for a school or childcare centre or an educational organisation, we have specific learning puzzles available which are customisable to your preference. Pictures of people or sports are a very popular or the concept picture of the new sports centre you wish to raise funds for. The ideas and message are yours to choose. Logos or school emblem or team can be included. With a colour and design to suit you, shape or complexity, it is all in your hands and to satisfy your particular goal. Our Fundraiser jigsaw puzzle will suit any or all ages.

When running for political office, the fundraiser jigsaw puzzle can be a fun and discussion focal point for your campaign. A sure way to get you remembered in puzzling times!

A perfect way to raise charitable money for your aid organisation would be to take a picture which most represents the message your group wants to convey and turn it into a fundraiser jigsaw puzzle. Your image-based puzzles can be offered as gifts for direct donations or used as a lucky dip where individual pieces of a fundraiser puzzle are sold off and then drawn to give a bigger prize at a charity event. A signed celebrity photo made into a puzzle can be very popular.

Raising funds for a church or other spiritual institution? PuzzlesPrint can help by offering to take your chosen image and make a fundraiser jigsaw puzzle for your needs.

Your local town or community in need of fundraiser money, PuzzlesPrint can help you collect the funds you need for your specific project

Many examples and ideas are available to view on our website. And a custom-made order is just one idea for your fundraiser jigsaw puzzle needs.

To start creating your photo jigsaw puzzle select jigsaw size and upload a photo, design or artwork!