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For agencies

Jigsaw puzzles for agencies are explicitly centered around companies who offer a specific service. If you have an agency and are in search of something that will leave an impression on your clients, then our exclusive puzzles might be just the thing for you.

Jigsaw puzzles for agencies can be individually created to fit with agency requirements. If you are hoping to use an image, send a message or give away a business card, our puzzles can meet all your concepts and needs unforgettably.

A broad range of jigsaw puzzles for diverse agencies

Travel agencies could benefit by offering these puzzles to their customers as they are something a little less ordinary. Historical buildings, views of a city, places of interest or any other remarkable image can be used. You can present these to your clients as a token gift, and because they are hard-wearing, they will last a long while, which will remind your clients of how generous you were. Another example could be choosing several puzzles which can be gifted to clients for the different places they wish to travel to.

Not only are these jigsaw puzzles fun for your clients but they also have a secondary use if your clients are not sure where they want to travel in the future. Gifting your clients with these puzzles with stunning places and fascinating cities may give them some ideas of where they want to travel, or perhaps get them to book another trip! Another idea would be to present them to your customers who have booked with you so that when they travel and have a stopover, they have something fun to do.

Dating agencies could also gain benefit from these exclusive jigsaw puzzles. Matching them to a possible partner or just using them to promote the agency. How about linking potential partners by receiving his or her profile in a jigsaw puzzle rather than scrolling through endless pages of profile pictures? The fun of finishing the puzzle also creates a happy expectation, which has the potential to give your client a good feeling about your agency and his/her potential new partner.

Real Estate Agencies

In addition to dating and travel agencies, these robust, premium jigsaw puzzles can provide exceptional advertising benefits for estate agents and the leisure industry. PuzzlesPrint website displays a broad range of shapes, designs, complexities, and colours to suit all your requirements.

If you cannot decide, we can offer suggestions and ideas of the many ways you can use our puzzles for your agency to gain maximum business benefits, all the while creating a lasting impression with your clients.

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