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Crowd funding

Frequently, crowd funding entails providing a prize for contributions received, and our crowd funding jigsaw puzzles are the perfect gifts but can also be a valuable way to use for your fundraiser promotion.

Crowd funding, by definition means, “raising small to medium amounts of money through contacting many people”. To help you to raise significant funds, PuzzlesPrint has created exclusive crowd funding jigsaw puzzles to help you in your undertaking.

Give them a Try!

Formerly, the approach for funding raising was that you got in contact with just a few people or businesses to help you get started with your fund raising. However, with today’s hard-hitting financial times, the emphasis has changed to one of gaining small/medium donations from a larger portion of individuals or companies. PuzzlesPrint is well aware of this shift and have produced jigsaws which can help you in your endeavours.

Our puzzles can be created to focus on a specific group or even to show your would-be product if the appropriate funding was raised. We can produce a puzzle in any shape or size and difficulty, with a variety of interlocking options. Each would be created exclusively for your charitable project or fund raising goal requirements.

Crowd funding jigsaw puzzles are not just for start-ups, they can provide charitable value for things like municipal fundraisers and perhaps schools who are looking for additional funds for a specific project. These puzzles are available to buy individually, gifted as a reward for any donations collected or maybe a puzzle building event for the community where people pay for each puzzle piece.

Fun-filled crowd funding campaign

At PuzzlesPrint, we have a wide range of puzzles available for all your needs, and we can even design one to suit your exact requirements. Bulk purchase orders will guarantee you get the fairest prices and your donation needs to get a puzzle surpass the price of the puzzle, so that you raise money for your project.

Another idea could be to use an image or catch phrase, and perhaps even your contact information on the puzzle, which will be appealing to the audience you are targeting and ensure you achieve your fundraising goals. Distribution of the puzzles can also be sent to places like doctor’s surgeries and busy offices to pull public funding from other sources too.

There are so many ways you can use these fun puzzles to raise funds for your cause.

Call us today for advice and options on how you can maximise the gain from your event. We are even able to provide crowd funding jigsaw puzzles which you can use online to raise funds.

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