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Client gifts

Are you searching for an innovative and inspired way to promote your business? PuzzlesPrint provides customer gift jigsaw puzzles, which carefully created and customised to maximise your company promotions to your clients and prospective customers.

Presenting your customers with a puzzle which contains your marketing pitch is certain to make it more memorable. When they rebuild the puzzle, you will once again be at the forefront of their minds. People are inclined to rebuild puzzles over and over, and even pass them to others, so your network will continue to extend.

Maintaining Client Interest

Customer gift jigsaw puzzles provide you with a platform which is unlike any other when promoting your company. When considering your budget for advertising, you will no doubt be searching for ways to maximise the impact against how much you spend. With these puzzles, you have a promotional gift that gives endlessly. Initially, when your clients receive their gift, they will be able to see your promotional message, but it does not stop there. Jigsaw puzzles are something which people like to rebuild over and over, and each time they do your brand will be reinforced in their minds.

We produce resilient, high-quality puzzles which come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. All that’s left is for you to pick which one you want to convey your message. Customer gift jigsaw puzzles can be used to convey important messages, promotional offers, educate, your clients in your brand or product, and keep them engaged.

Various Uses

There are many ways to distribute client gift jigsaw puzzles such as specific seasons during the year, promotion of a product, calling cards and even at team building events. You can personalise the puzzles with your company or product information, add a “thank you” message or even a personal one - there are so many options available! These jigsaw puzzles demonstrate to your customers that you are a forward-thinking company with an innovative brand, and they are sure to convey your message in a very interesting way.

Each jigsaw puzzle can be customised to suit your individual business and promotional requirements. PuzzlesPrint has a wealth of experience in the design and creation of these inspiring puzzles for all your advertising campaigns. Call us today and tell us your puzzle needs.

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