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What better way for a puzzle enthusiast to give something back than through a Charity Jigsaw Puzzle? It does not matter if you have a surplus of puzzles, spare puzzles around your house or even if you have gathered them from your family or friends, they make the perfect donation to a charity.

The Opportunity to Give

PuzzlesPrint has put together a few good ways of how you can offer charity or help in your local community without the vast capital expense. Hold a fun but educational puzzle event for the children’s home in your local community. Even though you are giving time rather than a donation, the interaction gives a gift which lasts a lifetime.

Charity jigsaw puzzles are also great for the younger age groups so that they can interact without the need for technology. They can educate young people about how they can have fun as they expand their minds.

Nothing would make us, at PuzzlesPrint, happier than to see a community with a love of puzzles pulling their community together in charitable activities, for example, fun days with puzzles, teaching those less fortunate the delight and sense of achievement you gain from piecing a puzzle together. Humble pleasures can pull communities together and make people feel involved, for instance, coming together to complete a puzzle. For some, it can even ward off loneliness. Think about volunteering with some of the retirees each month to help kindle their fun and enjoyment of puzzle solving too.

Preserving Quality

Despite producing our long-lasting, high-quality charity jigsaw puzzles, it is sometimes possible that a piece is missing. We endeavour to distribute charity jigsaw puzzles which are in the best condition possible, but also seek to ensure that each donated puzzle is complete and fully-functional.

Well loved, cared for and complete puzzles are what make great charity jigsaw puzzles. PuzzlesPrint aims to maintain the highest standards conceivable and try to ensure the best quality of all our charity jigsaw puzzles.

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