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Advertising jigsaw puzzles are a great way to convey an explicit message or to endorse your business. Although there are numerous ways you can promote your company or service, advertising jigsaw puzzles provide a unique angle. These jigsaws are a highly-visible and durable advertising product that can make your business unforgettable to any potential clients but also your current clients too.

We at PuzzlesPrint will ensure that your design matches your business image and portrays the important message you want to convey both professionally, but also with a sense of fun.

Advertising jigsaw puzzles

Whether you want a regular advertising jigsaw puzzles to use as a promotional giveaway for your customers or a customised design for a product with your company slogan or logo added, we can provide you with all your jigsaw puzzle needs.

The jigsaws come in an assortment of colours and shapes. We also offer different designs and images for our advertising jigsaw puzzles so that you can customise them to the shape and style of your business logo. We can create jigsaws with catchphrases, contact information or any other advertising you want, ensuring that not only your customers get the benefit of enjoying the puzzle, but that you gain the maximum from the business promotion.

These jigsaws are resilient and long-lasting and are frequently handed on to friends, family, colleagues, and your client’s customers too, guaranteeing you more exposure to a more wide-ranging network of individuals. The further your advertising extends, the more likelihood there is for potential customers to buy your service or products.

A gift for your clients

What better way to promote the goodwill of your company to all your existing customers than through a promotional gift? You can create customised advertising jigsaw puzzles and send them to your current customers but also potential ones too. These jigsaws are individually created in line with your wish list and can be used for promotions of new products, special seasonal offers, and any other kind of advertising you want, or maybe even to say thank you!

What could be more straightforward than this? Our highly-skilled team at PuzzlesPrint are waiting to design your advertising jigsaw puzzles, to help promote your business and get the maximum advertising effect from these advertising items.

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