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Arranging a family photo shoot might seem complete once you have found a photographer and set a date, but it is not quite so. For some of you, you might even be choosing to do this yourself using your own equipment or even just a selfie stick on your phone. However, whatever method you are going to choose to get the shot taken, there is one more important thing to decide on: and that is, what to wear.

It is much more advisable to coordinate the colors of your outfits than to match them. You can pick a piece with the most dominant color (a dress, maybe) and then build on it with additional colors. Patterns can add some brightness to the photos, but as long as you don’t go too over the top. Keep it simple is the key here. One pattern in a photo is enough, the rest of the pieces should be simple and plain, but in order to complement the central part, ideally, they need to be from the same color palette.

A lot depends on the season and the location of the photo shoot. Autumn gives many opportunities for playing with red, green and orange colors, especially if the photos are taken outside. Are you taking photos in the summer at the beach? Accentuate the coast by choosing softer more neutral colors.

Use your photos for personalized wedding gifts!

If your mission is to decorate the living-room with a perfect family photo hanging up on your wall all year long, maybe the dress code shouldn’t be too seasonal. Fashion styles come and go; the photo is there to stay! On the other hand, if you are out of gift ideas, an interesting option is to make the photos themed, so that they become perfect, personalized wedding gifts for friends and family.

Whether you are making the photos for your family photo album, or for a personalized wedding gifts, the most important thing you should bear in mind while deciding on the outfit is that, whatever you choose, it has to be comfortable. The photos of your loved ones should express happiness, and how will they be able to do it if they are constantly nervous or uncomfortable?

Relax and enjoy the photo shoot, and it will show in the photos.

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