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Unique puzzle

Selfie sticks. You either hate them or love them. For those who hate them, they are a metal menace. For those who love them, they are an invaluable tool to get that perfect shot. Once popular with extreme sports enthusiasts, it gained traction with the tech-savvy, and its popularity spread like wildfire. So much so, that you could find it at almost every street corner in a tourist trap. Perhaps you found yourself getting one and now, maybe you are regretting it a little?

Well, you shouldn’t. Because the selfie stick is extremely useful and there are many ways you can use it, for example, turn a picture into a puzzle.

Different Ways You Can Use A Selfie Stick

That telescopic handle can come in handy. Have an itch on your back, and no amount of stretching and contorting can hit the spot? Pull out that handle to the desired length and scratch away.

Want to annoy someone who is sleeping at the end of the couch? You don’t need to move a muscle. Just extend the selfie stick and do your worse.

Perhaps you want to indulge the spy in you. Use the selfie stick around corners to spot the bad guys, check for bombs underneath vehicles or rescue someone sinking in quicksand.

Or how about just using the selfie stick for what it was meant to be?

To take great photos.

With its reach, the selfie stick lets you take wide-angle photos to catch more of the breathtaking scenery you have around you. You can take group photos, squeezing everyone in without cutting their heads off. If you want to turn a picture into a puzzle by creating a customized photo gift, the fantastic photos for it are made possible with a selfie stick.

However, don’t let that great image languish in your phone. Why not turn a picture into a puzzle or unique photo gifts for your family and friends? That way you have tangible proof of your experiences and time together. Even if it was taken with a selfie stick!

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