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Looking natural

Demanding your children to look at the camera and smile widely will only stress them out and result in, unnatural and unflattering pictures. The best photos are the ones where everyone is interacting with each other. Keep in mind that not every picture needs to have everyone looking at the camera and smiling at the same time. The photographs that you will treasure the most will be the spontaneous ones since they show off the family connection and love.


A tripod might be harder to carry around, but it will make a huge difference when taking the photos. It will get the camera stabilized and allow you to capture a larger angle. You can also put the camera in automatic shooting mode, which will make it easier for everyone to be in the photograph. This is a great tool to use if you are looking to create a customized photo gift with a puzzle maker, as it will make sure the shot is perfectly framed and the space is used in the best manner possible with everyone fitted into the image nicely.

Background / Setting

A lot of people choose nature as a background for their family portraits. This happens because when in a natural environment, the family will also look more natural and it enhances the link between people, nature, and origins. Natural light is usually the most flattering kind of light, so there's another reason. Parks and beaches are, therefore, highly recommended for family photos. They also make the perfect picture puzzle background as they help create a wonderfully challenging puzzle, made by puzzle maker, to piece together.

Choose an activity

If people find themselves involved in some type of activity, they will most likely forget about the camera. Giving the family something to do creates dynamic images. It also makes the session less boring. Prepare a variety of games for the kids to play. Join the fun too, and you can get some really amazing pictures where everyone participates and forgets they are on a formal family photo shoot.

Bonus tips

Choose comfortable clothing that you can all feel natural in. Stuffy shirts and suits might not be the best option. You can also play cheerful, upbeat music, so everyone starts sharing the spirit. It will lead to great movements and happy, natural faces.

Let yourself go and have some fun. That way no one will feel pressured, you will get better photos, and everyone will share fun memories. Then, once you have captured the perfect picture, you can create your own picture puzzle with our puzzle maker for the whole family to enjoy putting together and recapturing the fun they had on the day of the family photo shoot.

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