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Picture puzzle

With Spring fast approaching, you might be considering the best ways to get that perfect family photo or how to get a great shot of you and your loved one together. In this post, we look at what the best colors are for photo taking in the springtime.

The colors you choose are essential, as is the time of day you choose to take your photo. However, for now, let us explore which colors work best so you can start to plan taking that perfect picture, which we hope, one day, you might choose to turn into a personalized picture puzzle to give as a gift.

Which colors should you choose?

Some of the best colors to wear in spring are bright tones that go well with your natural surroundings. If you are going to be outside, then lovely bright yellowy tones, pinks, greens, and even white are a great way to go. Having color is essential, but if you are going to have lots of colors in the background, then going with a clean-white look is also a popular option.

Cohesion is key. If you each wear a different color, then this can work to. However, it is always best to coordinate if this is the case, and a quick snap-and-share with your camera phone can help to alleviate any issues with clashing outfits on the day of the ‘big-shoot.’

Warm and dark colors

Peach and dark green or olive green are nice warming colors, so if you are shooting indoors or somewhere which has a plain background, these can be a great option to add depth and warmth to your springtime family photo shoot.

Once you have taken the perfect springtime photo, you might want to create a long-lasting keepsake or a personalized gift like a picture puzzle for everyone from this picture. Try something a little bit different and convert your photos into a picture puzzle. They make the perfect gift and can provide hours of family fun while you piece them together!

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