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Personalized puzzles

Technology has made our lives way more practical, and nowadays we can take hundreds of pictures in less than a minute, without ever giving a moments’ thought to printing. Social networking and the Internet are to blame of course.

Photograph Sharing

With the rise in popularity of Social Networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, sharing your pictures has never been so easy. In the old days, we had to use a separate camera, buy a film, use the whole reel of film and wait for anything in between 1-24 hours before we could see our pictures. Then, if we wanted to share them with family, we would physically have to go and see them.

Nowadays, you can quickly and easily share pictures by message, email, social media, and probably a whole load of other ways we haven’t yet mentioned.

The Cost

This widespread availability has completely saturated the marketplace, many of the traditional high-street image processing centers have vanished, and these ‘connect and print’ booths are now in all supermarkets, pharmacy’s and beyond. This is not to mention the fact that printing photos cost money while having it digitally is totally free.

It’s all about the format, and the end-product. People care about personalized gifts; there is something very sentimental about a custom gift that is made for you. Whether you are sending or receiving, a photo can invoke so many feelings and help you relive those happy times with the ones you love.

That's why we think that personalized puzzles are the best option: it is a different, original format, that certainly won't look boring. You can create your own personalized puzzles by choosing your favorite memories or moments in time. Building puzzles is a fun and satisfying activity that you can enjoy with other people. It allows you to chat and play while doing it, and it's really relaxing too.

Even if we would still print photos, they would most likely end up lost in some drawer, without any utility. By creating your own puzzle, your precious pictures are captured and immortalized moments. It is such a beautiful concept, and it shouldn't just disappear from our lives, just because it's not convenient anymore. Give some light to your memories again with this new idea and create your own personalized puzzles today

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