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Gift ideas

Whether you are looking for tips to help you take the perfect selfie for your social media page profile picture or perhaps you are looking to turn it into a personalized gift, which are great wedding gift ideas, knowing what to do in order to take the perfect selfie is key to getting that perfect shot.

Lighting is Key

Although this sounds obvious, you need to pay close attention to lighting. Natural lighting is best. Turn towards a window instead of your PC or even better, go outdoors. With the right lighting, dark circles or puffy eyes can even disappear.

Only Flash When You Need To

As mentioned in the first point, lighting is everything. However, there will be times, such as when you are in a club or on the sofa watching a movie when you have little or no natural light available. Snapchat has a forward-facing flash, unlike many phones on the market. Once taken, you can use the filters on your photo editing software or phone to tone down the brightness and create the perfect picture. Furthermore, one of the greatest wedding gift ideas would be making personalized jigsaw out of the selfie.

Smile and be Happy

If you smile and look genuinely happy, without forcing it, it with almost always guarantee a great selfie. You can even try smiling with your eyes. Practice, practice, and then practice some more until you get it perfect.

Get the Right Angles

The easiest way to bestow the advice of many popular selfie queens is to keep the camera up and your chin down. Keep the bottom of the phone level with your eyes or if you have one, use a selfie stick and hold it up high. Try not to look head-on into the camera, just turn a little to the side.

These four tips will help you to take the perfect selfie and hopefully, provide you with the perfect shot to use to create a timeless customized gift. Custom photo puzzles are excellent wedding gift ideas and a great way to share one of your amazing selfies with your mum, your dad, a grandparent or anyone you think will appreciate it!

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