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Custom puzzles

Whatever your age, and whatever the size of puzzle you are looking to solve, there might come a time where you become stuck with a jigsaw puzzle and need some help. Whether you are trying to tackle a 2000-piece jigsaw, or perhaps you are trying to impart some wisdom on your children, teaching them tips and tricks to solve a jigsaw puzzle with ease; having these tips will help you to tackle puzzles of all size and differing levels of complexity with confidence.

Jigsaw Puzzle Tips

There are so many people who complete jigsaw puzzles as a hobby, and others that will only complete one now and then. Whichever bracket you fall into, try out these tips for helping you to solve your custom puzzles quickly.

1. Make sure you turn every piece over so that you have the picture side facing upwards

2. Sort out all the edging pieces from the central pieces. This is easy to do as edging pieces are those which have a completely flat surface along one or two sides. If you have a completely flat line on two sides, these are your corner pieces.

3. While you are doing the above two points, you can start to sort these pieces into smaller piles that represent the images that are contained within them. Use the picture on the box as your guide. For example, if there is a mountain with white snow on, make sure you sort every piece with white snow or mountain into one pile. If there is a house, then put all the pieces with part of the house into another. If there is a corner of the jigsaw puzzle with colorful flowers, then sort out the colors from the rest of the pieces.

4. Once you have these groupings, you can start to assemble. You can do the segments first, such as the flowers, the house, the mountain. Or, you can do the outside edging and start to work your way in.

Using these four tips alone will help you to easily and quickly get started solving any jigsaw puzzle. Custom puzzles are a great type of jigsaw puzzles for all ages to complete. You can order custom puzzles in any size, start small or go big; the choice is yours.

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