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Christmas gift

Naughty or nice, our parents love for us never changes. Apart from your very existence being their greatest gift that they have waited anxiously, patiently and eagerly to see for nine long months, don’t you think they deserve a little appreciation this Christmas? I’m sure most of you do have that in mind already but wait… Where do you even begin? Here are the Top Christmas Gift Ideas you can consider getting for your parents!

Gifts for Dad

Dads, they are hard on the outside but really soft like a teddy bear on the inside. Sometimes the best gift to them is a hug or a kiss on the cheek. Maybe, a simple card will work too. Dads love their time alone watching TV or fishing or even, some sporting activities. However, here are three never-fail gift ideas for the best dad at Christmas.

1) Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle

If your dad is more into the simple things and you think that your dad is the smartest dad in the whole world, challenge your genius dad with a little jigsaw puzzle! A picture of your family on a jigsaw puzzle would add a nice touch compared to an ordinary one from a store.

Just imagine, your dad not only has the fun of figuring out how to solve it but, a precious photo to remind him of the most important thing; his sole motivation – Family.

2) Watch Storage Box

An exquisite gift to keep his precious timepieces in. It will definitely come in handy and fit in well with any room. A man likes to own something with a touch of class and expense. They feel powerful and in-charge – something that all Dads deserve.

3) Magazine Subscription

Yes, it’s true. There are many dads out there who love weird and wonderful things. Fishing, Computers, Motor Racing, or even just DIY. Whatever they like doing the most with their free time, buying them a simple magazine subscription is a great way to show them you understand them, and you took the time to get them something they enjoy.

Gifts for Mum

Mums are endearing and doting on us; they are one of the most selfless beings in this world. Sometimes, all they want is a little act of love or just your time. Here are a few thoughtful Christmas gift ideas for you dear mum this Christmas.

1) Picture Puzzle

This gift is really a safe choice that will surprise your mum! It is not your typical gift such as make-up, perfume, hand creams or soaps. By turning a picture into a puzzle, you can spend some quality time with your mum by solving a custom jigsaw puzzle with a photo of the family together. Plus, every time she sees it, she’ll be reminded of the happy times you have spent together. The gift is the best channel to give her what she really desires – time with you and happy memories that she can keep for a long time to come.

2) Coffee Mug with chocolate Inside

Those with health-conscious mums, get them a healthier alternative; fruits and bitter chocolates, maybe. Although it may seem underwhelming, a mug with a beautiful design or some meaningful words will bring a wide smile to a mum’s face any day. Plus, she will most likely find this a very practical gift, and one she can enjoy every day of the week.

3) A Good Book

Mums, like dads, love their own time but they simply spend it differently. I bet your mum would find a good book with a cup of tea in the afternoon really relaxing and enjoyable. You can write a short and thoughtful note to mum and put it inside too! She has worked hard this year, and your Mum deserves a nice break to unwind this Christmas.

If you want to buy them a joint gift, something they can enjoy together for Christmas and the whole year through, then use a photo and create your own puzzle for them to complete together. Jigsaw puzzles are great, inexpensive Christmas gift ideas in a way to give them something they will both be able to treasure, together.

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