High-quality Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles For Adults

Please yourself or your friends and family with a wooden puzzle. Our high-quality wooden puzzles are made with outstanding artworks and motifs. Victorian cut piece shapes make our wooden puzzles unique and interesting. We are sure that you will find a theme, from fine-art paintings to wildlife and landscape photos, in our wooden puzzle collection that you like!

Our wooden puzzles come in a handcrafted wooden gift box which is made from the same material as the puzzle itself. Puzzle pieces are placed in a fabric bag. The artwork that is printed on the wooden puzzle is also displayed on the lid of the box; this image can be used as a guide when assembling the puzzle. With every puzzle, we include a stand for the lid, so it can be used as a photo frame to showcase the artwork.

The elegant-looking box is what makes the wooden puzzle a perfect gift for Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, or any other special occasion!

Each wooden puzzle is designed, produced, and packed by us, giving our broad experience in jigsaw puzzle manufacturing we can assure you that you will love your wooden puzzle!

Art Puzzle with the most popular artist paintings!

Choose an artwork from our art collection and order an art puzzle. We offer various paintings from the most popular painters that are reproduced onto wooden puzzles. Art puzzles are fun to do, as they showcase a famous painting from the 19th and 20th centuries. You can select an artwork that you like the most and we will print it on the wooden puzzle. Our art puzzle collection includes artworks from Modernism, Cubism, Impressionism, Art Nouveau, Abstract expressionism, Expressionism, Surrealism, Contemporary art, Post-Impressionism, Realism, Art Nouveau, Fauvism, and Romanticism art movements.

The art is also showcased on the lid of the puzzle box. Using a special stand, that we include with each art puzzle, you get an additional picture of the artwork in a photo frame. To order your art puzzle just browse our website for the most popular art.