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Plastic photo jigsaw puzzles

Plastic photo jigsaw

Plastic jigsaw puzzles are the perfect ones for promotions and children!

Our jigsaw puzzles that are made from plastic are more durable and longer lasting. The plastic jigsaw photo puzzles that we make match the same standards that our personalized jigsaw puzzles with cardboard have. The only variation in the making of the standard jigsaw puzzles and the plastic jigsaw puzzles is the usage of strong and firm plastic rather than cardboard.

To make your plastic photo puzzle, select jigsaw size and upload your picture!


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Share your stories and memories with your friends and family by creating unique plastic jigsaw puzzles!

To start the creation of a plastic picture puzzle, all you need to do is choose a size for your picture puzzle, then upload your photo, artwork or design and then select the number or amount of the puzzles you want to order for yourself!

Plastic puzzle has an added benefit of being stronger and more hard-wearing than the cardboard ones. To ensure the strength and quality for frequent use of the plastic pieces, we use 2mm (0.08") thick plastic for this puzzle. So the plastic jigsaw puzzles we offer are awesome both for the kids as well as company promotions.

We provide options for six different types of plastic jigsaw puzzles each having different piece counts to meet your demand and increase your convenience at use. You can also modify and personalize these plastic jigsaw puzzles with your artwork, design, photo or text message.

Make your business stand out clear!

Plastic picture puzzles are also perfect to be used as marketing tools by companies. You can be confident that these picture puzzles that you will give to your clients, business partners and future customers will be lasting for longer times and will be remembered by them with the company logo, design and message getting imprinted in their minds forever. This will also keep reminding them of the effective and great services and products that your company offers.

Plastic jigsaw puzzles – the ideal making for kids!

Playing with plastic jigsaw puzzle is safe for your kids! Due to their strength and resilience, you should be confident that they cannot be broken to pieces by little kids during the play time. The coating and the plastic of the puzzle pieces are water-resistant and therefore even if the little one spills juice or water on the jigsaw puzzle, it is not damaged and remains intact so that you can take them anywhere you like. The plastic making of the puzzle even supports the outdoor play and you can take it outside the house. Yes, finally there is this one jigsaw puzzle that can be easily and surely be taken to the beach or the park for some fun time! Due to the strong and easy-to-clean material used in the making, the jigsaw can comfortably be cleaned of the dirt, sand or mud of any kind to which it has been exposed.

Customized jigsaw puzzles serve the children purposefully also as they not only provide entertainment but are also educational as well as help to develop important learning skills in kids. So go on, order one for your child right now!