Paul Gauguin’s By the Sea: A Post-Impressionist Masterpiece

By the Sea

We are thrilled to announce that a new addition has been made to our collection of wooden jigsaw puzzles. By the Sea puzzle features a captivating painting by Paul Gauguin and is now available in different piece amounts for kids and adults. In this blog post, we’ll delve deeper into the history behind the painting and its significance.

The Artist and the By The Sea Painting

Paul Gauguin was a French post-Impressionist artist who lived from 1848 to 1903. By the Sea is one of his most famous paintings that he created while living in Tahiti. The painting depicts a group of Tahitian women in vibrant colors against a beautiful seascape. The painting is currently kept at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, USA.

The Style and Meaning of the By The Sea Painting

By the Sea is painted in Gauguin’s signature style, which is a fusion of post-impressionism and primitivism. The painting features bold lines, flat areas of colors, and a focus on the human form. The colors used in the painting are striking and symbolic, with blue representing the sea and green representing nature. The painting captures the essence of the idyllic island life in Tahiti, and the relaxed poses of the women suggest a carefree and peaceful existence.

The Context of the By The Sea Painting

Gauguin painted By the Sea in 1892, during his first trip to Tahiti. The painting was a part of a series of works that he created during his stay on the island. At the time, Tahiti was a French colony, and Gauguin was fascinated by the island’s culture and people. He was searching for a simpler, more primitive way of life, and he found it in Tahiti.

The Price of the By The Sea Painting

By the Sea is an iconic painting by Paul Gauguin, and as such, it has a significant value. The painting was last sold in a private sale in 2003 for a staggering $35 million. It’s safe to say that the painting is now considered priceless.

By the Sea by Paul Gauguin is a remarkable painting that captures the essence of Tahitian life. The painting is significant in art history and continues to inspire artists and art lovers alike. We’re excited to bring this beautiful artwork to our wooden jigsaw puzzle collection, and we hope it will bring joy and relaxation to puzzle enthusiasts everywhere.

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